Why have a Training Program?

As an owner, regional, district or restaurant manager,you only want your new employee training with your best employees. It’s the closest you’ll get to cloning.


Remember there is a difference between a good station worker and a great employee. You may have an employee on the team that is an excellent station worker. There isn’t a job that they couldn’t do.


That’s only one part of the equation. The second part is their attitude. It is essential the new employee be exposed to a positive and upbeat attitude. Attitude is everything when it comes to business. A positive attitude can make your restaurant thrive financially and culturally.


The Training Manuals that The Recipe of Success ®® creates are company specific and include:

  • A task completion checklist
  • Job orientated Job Descriptions
  • Step by Step instructions for each station, guide to set up and breakdown, checklists for all pertinent tasks including set up and break down.
  • Guest Service section including commandments of service.

Every training manual is detailed to guide and support all new and current additions to your team.

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