Turning one into two …..

Building on the American Dream is desire of almost all entrepreneurs. Taking their business from a fledgling one store company and building a regional or national powerhouse. The first question you need to answer is – is my concept able to be replicated?

After you answer that question, you have to ask how easily? Do I have systems in place? Have I got my concept defined to the smallest detail? These are important questions that need to be answered completely.

Managing the change

 As you add more restaurants, you will need to learn how to delegate more and relinquish some control. You will add people to the team and teach them your way.


Are you ready?

People development. Building a strong cohesive team. Recruiting the right people and then training them. These are key elements of building a chain. Each operation must be uniform and interchangeable to insure seamless operations and identical experiences by your guests.


The Recipe of Success ® can help you answer these questions and the hundreds more that will pop up along the way.


Our consultants have been apart of many successful openings in the past and want to be a part of yours in the future. Please contact us to see how we may help your dream grow.

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