Food Safety Programs

Every restaurant operation should have one, most do not. The are millions upon millions of bacteria and viruses running wild in the world today. The quickest way to go out of business and into bankruptcy is to allow your restaurant to succumb to one of these invasions.


The Recipe of Success ® can perform a detailed safety inspection of your facility and note all potential issues. We can put together a comprehensive training program to teach your team about the dangers of improper food handling and breakdowns in the food chain.

Food Handling & Sanitation

Proper food handling in not only essential to good business; it is mandatory for the health and well being of all members of your team and all of your guests. Improper food handling is not only be dangerous; in extreme cases can be fatal.


All food handlers have the potential to cause food borne illness through errors in purchasing, receiving, storing, preparing and serving of food.


Any food product can be a vehicle for food borne illness. However, it is generally high protein foods that we eat regularly that are responsible for most food borne illnesses.

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