Food distribution and the surrounding criteria regulating this industry has toughened over the last couple of years. The regulations affect every level of the food chain and the costs associated with them have increased the end users cost.


As a result, food and paper costs continue to rise while profit margins continue to shrink. As Operators, we will not skimp on quality because we know what that will do to our guest base and in turn our revenue and reputation.


The Recipe of Success ® works with reputable purveyors who work with the small business person to develop a mutually beneficial partnership. We can help you decrease your food and paper costs with purchasing strategies and programs to help you continue to use the highest quality ingredients in menu preparation.


Freshness, Quality, Selection

Always be selective, Never accept inferior products!

Distribution Issues

  • Is your food cost out of line?
  • Having trouble sourcing the right paper products for your operation?
  • Does your distributor deliver in the middle of lunch?
  • Is your distributor always out of stock?
  • Do your products come in damaged?



There are unfortunately common occurrences in the day to day life of a restaurant manager. Where can you turn, who can help you get through to the distributor and have them understand that these issues are unacceptable?


  • Schedule deliveries during non-peak times.
  • Always pay close attention to your invoices for short or damaged items.
  • Clearly mark on your invoice what you receive and have the driver clearly sign next to
    the items or items that are short or are being returned.

Broad line vs. Specialty Distributor

There are many options out there depending on the type of restaurant, cafe or kiosk that you operate. Your specific needs vary based on location, menu, availability, specialty needs and stock area. Our consultants will analyze your needs and work with your vendors (or source new) and provide recommendations on what avenue is for you.