Operations Manual

An Operations Manual is a resource for field and office personnel to find operating guidelines and answers to questions. These are key elements of a companies structure that are literarily at your team’s fingertips. A well written Operations Manual provides the necessary direction and reminders that enable a company to perform both uniformly and independent of hands on day to day involvement of upper management leaving everyone to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Our Operations Manuals or SOP Manuals are customized for your concept and requirements. The following outlines some of the sections your manual may include:

Food Operations

Recipe Books, Food Safety, Quality Control

Part of developing this section can include proofing of your recipes including cost analysis. While reviewing your recipe procedures we will check to see if they are compliant to current food safety procedures. This section will also include food safety procedures from receiving to storage to service.

Personnel Operations

Recruitment, Hiring, Orientation, Training

Our personnel section is very detailed and offers customized programs that will aid in your total retention efforts within your organization. We will incorporate all of your current policies and procedures and help you develop the ones you still need.

Financial Operations

Policies, Procedures, Cash Handling, P&L’s

With so much of your success hinging on financial procedures, we will document all cash handling, safe control, banking procedures as well as dissect a P&L and provide the answers to your teams questions.

Support Operations

POS Operations, Purchasing, New Store Opening

We have developed a great “New Store Opening” program that walks the user through every step to insure that no task is left undone.

We will work with your current or future POS Vendor to insure that we have the most up to date guides and information in relation to your operation, translating anything that is written in tech terms.

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