What is Up-selling?

Up-selling is suggesting to a guest either a larger size or adding on of an item that they did not ask for but would compliment their selections nicely. Some refer to this as Suggestive Selling.


A guest looks to your team as the expert on your concept. Your team should be well versed in all areas of the menu including ingredients and complimenting offerings. By knowing this information, they can provide your guests with a well rounded experience that exceeds initial expectations. By being knowledgeable, your team will make a lasting impression on those guests which may lead to future repeat business.


By suggesting larger sizes, your team will add revenue for you without spending any extra time or money.


By adding a piece of cheesecake or glass of wine, the guest has a better experience and you add more revenue and bottom line profits.


Build on your success today by Up-selling!!!

Why Up Sell

Up-selling is the quickest way to increase revenue on your current guest base. The majority of that increase sale is profit. Two great reasons everyone should be up-selling.


  • Not everyone is a natural sales person.
  • Not everyone takes the time to be accurate.
  • Do not be pushy.
  • Train your team in detail.
  • Validate your team’s knowledge.
  • Hold pre-shift meetings to inform your team of specials and the items that compliment them.


Let our consultants be your Recipe of Success® by allowing us to come in and train your team on the proper way to up-sell that leads to more profits for you.