Creating Expectations

Your guests come to you for specific reasons. Many times that is for specific menu item. They love your lasagna, chicken salad, balsamic vinaigrette – what ever it is, they want it to be exactly the same every time they come in. Portion control and adherence aids that possibility.


The Recipe of Success® has developed proven training programs that have yielded positive results for many operators. Every training program includes manuals, job aids and forms for tracking and managing program results.


Portion controls is an attention to detail. When your team believes in and adheres to controlling portion sizes, you will minimize expense and maximize category profits.

Tips and Info

  • 1.Always use detailed recipes and hold your team accountable for following them. Repetition breeds consistency.
  • 2.Prep sheets are a great tool for insuring the proper amounts of products to be prepped.
  • 3.Training and follow through will aid in keeping your team focused and profit margins where they should be.
  • 4.Always use quality ingredients and insure your kitchen personnel only prep what they need.

Portion control is important for many reasons. Some of the primary are:

  • Consistent flavor profiles
  • Proper recipe costing
  • Accurate ideal vs. actual costs
  • Creates an understanding for the guest that they will receive the same item regardless of who is working that day.